Are the foods you eat RIGHT for your body?

Find out if your body is reacting through this simple step.

A sample of hair is taken and sent to a specialised centre where 500 different food and household items are identify as either compatible or incompatible with your body. Certain foods and/or chemicals may create inflammation in different parts of the body and may cause issues. These results assist in unravelling possible health issues within the body; the results are then incorporated into an individualised Naturopathic Wellness plan. This requires a commitment of 6 months, with four follow up appointments to achieve the best possible outcomes. The basis for the programme is simple: nurturing the body correctly by avoiding foods and products that are 'incompatible' with you as an individual. 

This is suitable for people of all ages.

It is simple and easy and suitable for adults and children. In conjunction with a Naturopathic consult the results speak for themselves. In conjunction with your initial consultation ($140) the cost is $247.

This can be order alone with a 15 minute consult to explain the results, price is $300.