Jennie Janes BHSc - Naturopath 🌿 Nutritionist 🌿 Herbalist 🌿

Registered through NHAA

Jennie has a Bachelor of Health Science, (Naturopathy) from Southern School of Natural Therapies here in Melbourne, Victoria. She is a qualified Vitae Mosaic, Naturopathic Functional Medicine Practitioner. This enable Jennie to delve deep into complex, chronic cases.

Naturopathic remedies can be used to help manage a broad range of health conditions and Jennie is competent in them all; she does however have particular interest in Autoimmune Conditions, Liver and GIT health and female reproductive system.

Her passion for food started at a very young age and a love of cooking has always been an integral part of life. As a mother of 5 children there was always plenty of opportunity to experiment with food, to make it nourishing yet appealing to her family's tastes. Her experiments with food have not stopped but have developed further into what food can do for your body and how it can help you heal. She utilised food to start you on the road to feeling healthy again and offers Meal Plan tailored especially for you and your family’s needs.

She has previously run her own successful cafe in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and loves using whole fresh seasonal ingredients.

After struggling with a serious health issue in 2013 she decided that a career in Naturopathy is the path she wanted to pursue. Having been diagnosed with two rare Autoimmune Diseases, which she now manages naturally, Jennie has made it her passion to assist others overcome and manage their health challenges naturally as well.

She understands the struggles you may be having, especially when modern medicine tells you ‘there isn’t anything more we can do, you will have to live with your symptoms”. This is not ok and it doesn’t have to be your ‘norm’, she is living proof of what diet and supplementation can do to your health.

After her own experiences she has delved deeper into the world of the microbiome and its effect on Autoimmune and other diseases and you can be confident that she has the latest information and access to the most up to date testing to assist you on your journey to better health.

Her other loves are her fur babies Bailey the chocolate Border Collie and Wesley the Cat, 4W Driving, camping and being in the outdoors.