Asian Broth


2 litres of stock, chicken/vegetable/turkey or beef

3 garlic cloves

2 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

1 tablespoon of fresh grated turmeric

2 tablespoons fish sauce

1/4 cup of gluten free soy sauce or coconut amines

2 large spring onions, finely chopped,

6 medium sized mushrooms, sliced

1 bunch of bok choy, chopped, any Asian greens can be used

1 turnip, diced

1 sweet potato, diced (you can use any type of vegetable that you like)

1 cup of bean sprouts

2 tablespoon of finely chopped coriander

3 eggs, beaten well together 

500 grams of pork mince, you can use chicken/beef or pork

1/2 packet of organic brown rice noodles

1 tablespoon olive oil

salt and pepper

Boiling water


1. Crush garlic, add to saucepan with ginger, turmeric, fish sauce, soy sauce and stock.

2. Bring to a simmer, add turnip and sweet potato.

3. Simmer to just about cooked, mean while heat fry pan and cook mince, set aside till ready to serve.

4. Add mushrooms, bok choy to broth and cooked for 3-4 minutes.

5. Season with salt and pepper.

6. While that is cooking heat oil in fry pan again on low, when hot, pour in egg mixture let sit to cook through. Place on a cutting board and roll up and slice.

7.  Place noodles in a separate bowl and pour boiling water on the top and let sit till cooked.

8. Place a spoon full of mince and noodles in a bowl, top with vegetable broth, top with bean sprouts, coriander , spring onion and slices of egg.


Serves 6